Glossary: Z


BKS only use YKK and Optilon zips: two of the most respected brands. Certain areas of the suit are more at risk during an accident and so the gauge (size) of zip is chosen accordingly. The sizes of zips are usually given numbers and are equal to the width of the teeth or spiral element in millimeters. Types of zip range from metal tooth, nylon tooth and nylon coil or spiral. We prefer to use the latter throughout all BKS suits as they tend to last longest and do not suffer from individual tooth loss.

Some zips have longer heads to help you to hold them when wearing gloves. We also add leather tabs to main fastenings to help. Cuffs and ankles are low risk and so a No.6 is used with a small slider.

The trouser fly also uses a No. 6 but with a longer slider. All pockets use a No.6 with a long slider. The front of jackets and one piece suits use a No.8 with a long slider.

The main connection zip in the waist between jackets and trousers is a No.10. Zip in linings use a No.4.