Vest Servicing

We are the UK's FIRST Alpinestars-approved Service Centre for Techair vests. We have been integrating Tech Air technology into our suits since 2018 and have extensive knowledge about the fit, use, and repair of the systems.

Any work carried out resets the warranty for another 2 years, up to a maximum of 10 years from the original purchase date.

NOTE - Whilst we are able to service the TA3, we are waiting on confirmation of prices and the availability of kits.


Standard Service

(Available for Street, Race, 3, 5, & 10 Vests)
Our Standard Service includes a diagnostics check and firmware upgrade and is required once every 2 years or 500 hours, whichever is first.
As part of the diagnostics check we will pick up any errors that have occurred through usage and repair them.
This is vital to the operation of the airbag as we will detect issues that might not be obvious to the user and have occurred through reasonable wear, such as loose cables or sensors being unseated.
Exclusions - Airbag replacement - If the airbag has deployed the vest will require a full service which covers the cost of a replacement bladder and installation.
Price: £99.99


Full Service

Our Full Service is as above but also includes gas cartridge and air bladder replacement if there has been an activation.
Price: £299.99 (Race, Street, and 5)
Price: £399.99 (10)



We can finally offer the recharge service for the 3, 5 and 10 vests which costs £199.99
This recharge requires us to test the bladder integrity and may cause the service to be increased from the recharge to a full service at the usual cost of £299.99 (TA3 & 5) or £399.99 (10).

These prices do not include postage to and from our office.

Please look at the shipping faq to download the MSDS form.

Please phone us and we'll book your vest in.