TA10 revised startup

TA10 updated start method

If your app gives a warning requiring a WLED replacement, contact us or any TA10 dealer. This will be shown on the first screen underneath “Start My Ride”.

Pre-requisites: [As displayed on the app]
- Software Version 02_05_00_0402_P_09_1
- WLED Display Version 03_13_01_0000_0_00_0

Should the versions be lower than these please place the vest on charge with the LED panel connected and update them.



The WLED (Wireless LED Display) panel will now only be on the vest to switch on, charge, or switch off the vest.

The waist belt is now NOT USED to activate the vest.



With the vest off, remove and return the WLED panel to its housing, making sure the contacts align with those on the vest belt.

Between 5-10 seconds the vest will switch on and run through its start up sequence and end on the green & amber lights.

Remove the WLED panel and either place it along the belt, in a pocket, or on a Velcro panel on the bike.

To switch off the vest return the panel to its housing on the vest, it will connect and then the vest will switch off after a few seconds. This will only work if the panel has been out of its housing for 60 seconds or longer.