Here are some links to helpful tips and guides for the Techair Vests. We are continuously adding and updating these, if you can't find your answer here please email us on [email protected].
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Including handy packing tips, what to do if you're transporting by plane, and the link for the Dangerous Goods exemption - Please ensure you include this MSDS form, preferably on the outside of the packageDO NOT SEND VIA ROYAL MAIL.

How much it costs, when to get your vest serviced, and how long it will take.

Armour Installation/Removal
The shoulder and back armours are not needed when wearing the Tech-air vest.
We recommend retaining the elbow armour.

The Race and TA5 vests CANNOT be washed by the end user.
Once removing the bladders and cannisters, the TA3 and TA10 can be washed. As per the label this should be a hand wash at no hotter than 30 C.

User Manuals
Download the user manuals for all the vests HERE


Race Vest

Know how to insert and remove the tech air race vest.

Switching On/Off
The location of the master switch is on the rear of the vest, above the USB cable connection.

LED indications
There are different sequences for Race and Street Modes on the race vest, and for the Version 5.

Red LED Error Codes - Race vest
Is your red LED flashing? find out what that means here

See the location of the charging ports for the Race vest.

Connect Software
See how to find and install the management software for the Tech-Air Race vest - Windows only (7, 8, and 10)

Firmware Upgrade - Race Vest
Using the connect software, see how you can install new firmware on your Race vest or change from Race to Street modes.

Check for errors - Race Vest
Find out what the led errors mean in the connect app.






Tech-Air App
See how to find, connect, and use the tech-air mobile application for the 3, 5, and 10.



Recharging the vest
Information on how to change the canisters on the vest



LED display
Wireless LED display information 

NEW Start Up Sequence
New starting method for the vest after a firmware update released in March 2024

Removal guide of the baselayer for washing