Tech-Air 10

Alpinestars are changing the way the Tech Air 10 switches on through a 2-part update. This requires the user to update both the system software and the fob firmware, both of which can be done through the app.
Make sure that the system and fob are charged to a minimum of 50% before carrying out this update.
Please reach out to anyone you know with a TA10 and make them aware of this update.
If you are buying a TA10 I would strongly advise that you check that this update has been done before buying the vest.
An information leaflet is available HERE
The full update from Alpinestars is below:
Dear Tech-Air® 10 Partner,
This communication is to inform you that Alpinestars has introduced a mandatory software update that must be executed on all Tech-Air® 10 Systems and Tech-Air® 10 Wireless LED Displays.
Alpinestars has made a running change to the product that introduces a new way to activate the Tech-Air® 10 System using the wireless LED Display.
Once the latest version of the System software is installed, the new activation method for the System will be the wireless LED Display ONLY and users will no longer be able to activate the Tech-Air® 10 System with the Activation Belt.
In addition, the new functionality requires that when riding, the LED Display remote should NOT be placed in the Docking Area, but instead, the WLED must:
• be placed on the belt near the Docking Area
• or alternatively on the arm of a Tech-Air® Suit
• or secured to the motorcycle.
The new functionality requires that the Docking Area of the LED Display should only be used for 3 reasons:
1. Turning on/activating the System
2. Turning off/deactivating the System
3. Charging the LED Display
Please note that the pdf file of the System and WLED Firmware Update leaflet will be posted in the Manuals Section of the alpinestars website (link above) and also in the Documents Section of the Tech-Air® App.
Please note that the new software for the Tech-Air® 10 System is version 02_05_00_0402_P_09_1, while the new software for the WLED Display is version 03_13_01_0000_0_00_0.
Please note that once the new software is installed, Users of the Tech-Air® 10 Systems will ONLY be able to activate their Tech-Air® System with their LED Display and the Activation Belt will no longer work.
Please be advised that Alpinestars will be sending an email communication about these changes to all Tech-Air® 10 Users within 5 business days of this communication requesting that they update their Tech-Air® 10 System and Wireless LED Display with the latest software.
If you have any questions about the Tech-Air® 10 software update or the new LED Display activation functionality, please reach out to your dealer developer, or alternatively, feel free to contact Alpinestars directly by email or phone:
Tel: +39 0423 5286 (please ask for Tech-Air® Support)
Tel: 1 (310) 891-0222
Please be advised that as of January 30th, all new orders of Tech-Air® 10 Systems will have a new product color code: 130A, which indicates that the latest version of the software has been installed on this System, as a running change.
All new Systems will also have a harder casing on the LED Display.




We are proud to announce that the Alpinestars Tech-Air 10 is finally here.
New for 2022, this airbag is the next leap forward in technology and protection, enhancing what we've seen in the Race and 5 vests.

The 10 is the flagship in Alpinestars current lineup of vests and is a baselayer style airbag that offers unrivaled protection both on the track and on the road.

Like the Race and the 5, where the standard protection already covers back, side of torso, and outer top arms, the new improvements include a significantly redesigned airbag that now covers the chest, coccyx, and hips. This additional protection means that the airbag is limited to a single deployment.

Like the Race vest, the 10 has 12 sensors and 24 hours of riding time on a single charge.

Previous vests have had integrated LEDs, either in the suit sleeve or on the vest itself, while the 10s LED panel is removable and can be placed anywhere the rider prefers so long as it's secure and within 1 meter of the vest.
The 10 is designed to be worn separately inside your suit which must have correctly fitted stretch panels to deal with the volume of air after deployment.
BKS race suits already provide for this but with additional airbags in the hips and pelvis areas please seek our advice as to whether your existing suit has sufficient room.
The 10 will be costing £1099.99 and we believe we are the first in the UK to get our hands on them but availability is limited.
Pre-order yours here with a £250.00 deposit to ensure future delivery in time for this season.


See the vest in action here







After measuring the first customers and trying the vests ourselves, our recommended sizes our below: