LED Indications (Race Vest)

The race vest uses the LEDs on the sleeve to indicate its current working state, any issues, and its battery level.

The sequence varies slightly depending on whether the vest is in Race or Street mode (find out how to change modes here)
Both modes indicate faults through the red LED, the number of times it blinks refers to the fault which can be seen here






Below are a couple of videos that show the LED sequences described above for STREET MODE.

This first video shows the sequence up to "stability check" with the vest trying to detect that its being worn and should arm. It fails this check as the vest was on the table, so goes to the red "Not Stable" LED.

This Second Video shows the vest passing the "stability check" and arming, ready to deploy, as displayed by the solid green LED. This occurs when the vest detects motion consistent with wearing the vest, getting on a bike, or starting to ride.


Please note - the led indications on race mode (single charge) and street mode can look very similar but the green led will turn static once riding in street mode. Whilst it will continue to blink in race mode with a single charge.


both these are taken from the relevent user manuals and are correct on 19/5/2021