Measuring Instructions

You will need a tape measure, a set of weighing scales, the appropriate person to be measured and a ‘would be’ tailor!

You are best dressed in close fitting base layers or tee shirt and shorts – it is important to be able to see all contours of the body and limbs for accurate identification of the body outline.


Before we start the first measurement, make a note of your height (inches), your weight (lbs) and your age. We prefer good old fashion imperial in INCHES please.... if possible.




NOTE: All of the measurements (especially the arms and lower leg) are measured exactly to the skin and we will allow for extra layers like impact protectors, clothing and movement ease. Please do not add any extra, as we need to know actual body measurements.

If you truly intend to perform these measures yourself (with a partner), you can arrange for Brian Sansom to assist over the phone after the first run through. Brian will always only use approved measurements if a suit order is going to be processed using customer supplied sizes. This is usually and only the case for overseas orders and we would always prefer to meet with you in person to take the measures at BKS. This ensures the 12 month warranty for fit can remain in place as customer supplied sizes can not qualify for our warranty. You can also download our pdf measuring guide.