This PRODUCT section of our website shows you all the things you can ask us to make for you. Have a look at the RETAIL section for all items that currently exist and can be bought right away.

BKS will create bespoke one piece race suits, two piece suits (zip together), separate jackets and trousers and virtually any custom design garment should you have something different in mind. We specialise in Race, Sport and Touring garments. We also have a number of accessory items including gloves, base layers, back protectors and leather care.
Most commissions are fully bespoke and made to order but our Showroom has plenty in it and display items can be bought if they fit you properly and often at a very friendly price.

In 2016 we decided that the range would be called the Evolution Collection and consist of muliple stages of one piece suit design. The entry level suit, our 'House Style' was referred to as BKS 100R (stage 1) with the range of models being an extension of this. 

Stage 6 was our ‘champagne level’ and demonstrated design and features unrivalled in leather suit construction. As design features continue to be enhanced...we feel that to try and give product names to each suit is becoming increasingly unnecessay....

The Evolution Collection allows for all final designs to be made as a one piece or as a two piece zip together suit. In turn, the jacket or the trouser may be commissioned independently in any configuration. Separate jackets and trousers have their own identity. Still referred to as a BKS 100, trousers come in the form of ‘Sport’ legs or ‘Racing’ legs. Racing legs have 2 styles of lower leg due to differning configuartions of knee shaping.Therefore there are essentially 3 styles of trouser.

SPORT   /   RACE LEGS V1   /  ...

Separate Jackets have their own identity and there are essentially 4 different types. All jackets benefit from the full array of specification, lining and trim options. The jackets can be identified as the upper half of the two piece suit and come in the 100SPS model (Studded Strormflap over the zip), the 100SPL (Lancer front offset zip) and 100SPR (plain centre zip like the race suit). An additional new Cafe Racer jacket has been added for 2018 and can be ordered in any leather as well as sold ready made in a limited edition. This one is shown here above.

Still referred to as a BKS 100, trousers come in the form of ‘Sport’ legs or ‘Racing’ legs.

(A custom style straight leg jean - like denims - are requested from time to time, lets include these too).

Made to measure trousers start from £949.99 and come with leather stretch panels at the back waist and above the knees along with calf and groin inserts in stretch kevlar. (see Price List on the information Tab)


A variety of components and finishes serve to enhance your BKS garment, whether they provide function such as the aluminium and polyurethane Protector Caps (fitted to shoulders, elbows and knees) or just to enhance the visual appeal such as BKS branding or the exquisitely elaborate Laser Etching of leather looking like a ‘tattoo’ effect. A vast choice is presented during design consultation and Brian Sansom will guide you through them all.

BKS can offer a wide range of accessories for all your needs ranging from Gloves, Knee sliders, Impact protection for limbs and backs, base layers to keep out the cold, wind stoppers, care kits for your leather, suit linings and suit cover and hanger sets. Whatever you need to keep you on the road BKS Leather has it.