Tech Air

We are very proud to be the ONLY UK licensed manufacturer of leather suits that can supply the Alpinestars Techair airbag systems as an option for our clients.

We offer 4 vests, the Race, 3, 5, and 10.
The Race vest is worn between the lining and outer shell of the jacket, meaning that you don't have to worry about an extra garment when you remove your suit.
The 3 can be worn over or under most jackets and can be packed into a rucksack or stored in a pannier.
The 5 can be worn under most jackets with space for a thick hoodie (4 inches) offering greater versatility.
The 10 is the latest vest and is worn as a base layer. This offers unique protection on the legs with a user washable base layer.

We are also the only Alpinestars Techair Service Centre in the UK that offers a collect and return delivery service as an alternative to current owners having to have their vests sent back to Italy. Our turn around times are very efficient. For more info click Here

For more details of each vest please click the images below.