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"BKS 1000 Leathers. Hooray! After two years, this suit has just broken in, just as I expand to barely fit into it. soft armour (£25), a £79 back protector and £110-worth of lettering all hike the price to a startling £1515. It was a fantastic fit on first arrival, still reeks of quality and has a detachable lining. Two light spills weren't felt, and cost £70 to be sorted."BIKE magazine
"The BKS Long Extreme back protector is class leading when it comes to impact and abrasion resistance.""Based on the BKS 2000RX Xtreme suit, Moby spec'd this suit right up with perforated panels in the chest and inner arms, and punched ventilation in the back of th elegs. It's double zipped at the front, has a removable, washable liner, extensive double leather reinforcement in key areas, and CE approved seam construction throughout the entire suit. The quality is stunning."Fast Bikes - Editor write up
"Quality costs, like this 5000RX suit from BKS. It has a twin-zip design, high-performance CE approved impact protectors and torso pads along the collarbone, sternum, biceps etc. An extra £200 gets you made to measure too (they had to kill another cow for Moby). Extremely high quality kit. BKS Leather 5000RX."Fast Bikes
"Ok, so maybe the price of this jacket would get you a full kangaroo suit somewhere else, but if you value top quality and a perfect fit this made to measure jacket from BKS is exactly what you need. The very best spec and quality you can buy. BKS 100SPR Jacket"Fast Bikes
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