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Motorcycle Sport and Leisure 1997
Nick Jeffries TT Racer 94
Phillip McCallen TT Racer
Phillip McCallen TT Racer 2
Phillip McCallen TT Racer 3
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Sandra Barnett TT Racer
Superbike Covershot Nov 95
Superbike Editor Grant Leonard
Bennetts have written an amazing article that pools together gleaming reviews of our new textile suits. Some of the highlights are:“I thoroughly recommend them for total comfort and peace of mind. Also, I like to support British technology and craftsmanship, and BKS made to measure is to bikers what a Saville Row suit is to businessmen. Unless my dimensions change and the suit no longer fits, I’m expecting 10-15 years out of this. But who knows, maybe it’ll outlast me. I hope not.” "Despite the bonus of it being less fatiguing, the level of protection achieved by this textile suit outperforms...