Bespoke Service

The process involved in the making of your BKS leather suit can only be described as the most similar experience you can have to that of going to Savile Row in London for a genuine tailored suit.

There are all sorts of commercial leather motorcycle suits on offer but to have one made that fits perfectly and accounts for your personal riding profile and allowing for your own involvement with choosing everything down to the thread colour ….is like nothing else in your biking wardrobe.

You don’t buy a BKS suit spontaneously, hopefully it is something you have thought about and looked forward to for some time.

Company founder and still to this day, the current suit designer, Brian Keith Sansom personally measures for every single BKS suit made each week. Heading up his team of 12 staff, with over 34 years of experience serving virtually every type of motorcyclist in every size imaginable, mens and ladies, a vast knowledge has been gathered.

By appointment only, you can visit the BKS workshop and studio offices to complete your design consultancy and measuring session in around 2 hours. You will be introduced to the design portfolio and along with the ideas you bring; a computer image will be crafted of your ideal leather suit. All the various leather options, trim and components will be fully explained and with your input you should arrive at a final design. Only when this stage is complete are your measures recorded, taking into account the final dimensions required to accommodate your choices of leather thickness, impact protector style and lining selections. Each of these can have a bearing on how the suit is sized to ensure the correct tolerances are used over and above your actual body measurements.

When your suit is ready to begin production, custom written software is used to programme reports for the pattern maker, the cutters and the stitching team. Individual suit construction papers accompany the process that generates all of the cardboard pattern pieces, the leather panels and ancillary materials, the zips and components and the correct thread selections, through all of the stages that assemble each part of the suit.