The best way to ship the vests is wrapped in bubble wrap in a sturdy cardboard box with your name and any details inside. Please do not wrap the box in bin liners as shipping companies are charging an additional fee.

All Tech-Air vests are classed as a pyrotechnic airbag, as such they come under Dangerous Goods for both ground and air shipping. Alpinestars have worked diligently to get an exemption based on the life saving application of the vest.
Please follow the steps below to ensure that the shipment is accepted and not held in transit - If you have any concerns we are always here to help, please contact us at [email protected] or 01395278861

Download and enclose the MSDS form here which shows the Dangerous Goods exemptions and include this inside the box with the vests - please include all of that pdf file when shipping.
Whilst we recommend it for ground shipping, the MSDS form is REQUIRED for AIR TRAVEL and should be communicated with your airline before the ticket is booked as some airlines may have different restrictions. Again, if your airline has any questions you are welcome to pass along our contact details and we will help where we can.

DO NOT SHIP VIA ROYAL MAIL -  they do not like the gas canisters (Even with the UN exclusion) as it conflicts with their prohibited items list. So far we've had great success with UPS, so long as they are appropriately declared and insured.

Ensure that the vest is off and the magnetic tabs will not connect during shipping. In our preferred method, shown below, we put the hook velcro (Left side) back against the lining then draw the right side over as far as possible.


Royal mail exclusion list: