Glossary: B

Back Protectors

BKS back protectors are currently made by Davis Odell (the Forcefield TPro range) and have won awards for being the best in the industry. They are made from high density PVC Nitrile foams and are up to 20mm thick. These are soft-shell, with no hard plastic, such is the firmness of the foam used. As with limb armour, hard
plastic elements in back protectors may protect against penetration injuries but can also have the adverse effect of wearing holes in the areas of leather it touches on impact.
The same test is used for backs as for the limb test although with minor changes. Instead of the 35KN limit they must register less than 18KN for a level 1 pass or less than 9KN for a level 2 pass.
The BKS Forcefield item (Level 2) achieves around 6KN.
All back protectors come in lengths suitable for one piece race suits or jackets and are either fitted into pockets within the lining or worn separately using a well designed waist and shoulder strap.

Bike Shows

BKS occasionally attend one or both the UK’s two main trade shows. The INTERNATIONAL MOTORCYCLE AND SCOOTER SHOW is at the NEC every year in the autumn. This is usually a 10-day event and attracts between 100,000 and 150,000 visitors. There is also the MCN Show at Excel in late January to early February. This show is usually over 3 days and attracts around 30,000 to 35,000 visitors. It is always best to contact us direct beforehand to check that we are going to be there.

BKS Badges

BKS badges are designed to compliment the colour scheme of your suit and come in a variety of shapes and types. Synthetic badges have designated locations whereas BKS leather letters are placed according to the design of the suit. Shoulder badges form the company logo and are placed at the top of the bicep. Knee badges are triangular and sit on the knee cap. Neck tabs are functional and help keep the front zip closed Leather letters are made from reduced thickness leather in all of the colours used to make suits. 5 different sizes are available. Laser etched logos are also available, some of which carry extra cost.

Body Armour

Technically called Impact Protectors, the limbs (knees, elbows, hips and shoulders) come in a choice of 2 types, Standard, and Pro. Both offer the best combination of energy absorption, comfort and flexibility.

  • CE Approved to EN1621-1 Level 2
  • Made from high performance PU foam with elastomeric properties
  • Protectors absorb significantly more energy because of the material cell structure which makes them more resilient to impact
  • The benefit of having elasticity in the material construction is superior repeat performance, increased comfort and added softness
  • Non hard shell

 Pro, Available as an upgrade option

  • CE Approved to EN1621-1 Level 2
  • Made from ‘Extra Thick’ high performance PU foam
  • These protectors are similar to Knox but cover larger surface areas and absorb even more energy
  • Lined with 4mm of Tempur Foam (otherwise known as viscoelastic polyurethane or ‘memory’ foam) to increase wearer comfort
  • Available as an Upgrade at extra cost
  • Non hard shell

The levels of impact protection meet with EN1621 –1. BKS prefers to avoid the use of hard shell protectors as these promote holing of the leather on the outside. Some hard shell body armour does carry CE Approval but only when tested independently. Used in conjunction with a CE Suit it becomes an unsafe feature for the reasons just mentioned. Unsafe features will fail a suit when tested for CE Approval – beware! Please also see back protectors under their own heading.