Glossary: V


A brand name for touch-and-close fastening tape, used in many areas throughout the BKS suit.  We use Velcro in 50mm width for securing our body armour in place.

Velcro is used to secure the linings at the cuff and ankle, and we also have a very high grip type which is used to secure knee sliders in place.


Perforated leather can be used to create ventilated sections within the suit, and feature as a free of charge option in the insert areas. This offers an alternative to the Keprotec stretch inserts.

Leather is perforated by conveying whole skins through a special machine, giving a mesh effect of holes approximately 1.5mm in diameter and 4mm apart.  Suit panels are then cut from these skins. Additional ventilation incurs an extra cost based on how much is needed.

More ventilation can be added to any area of the suit by using the punch hole method. These are individually hand-punched holes available in two sizes: 2.5mm and 4mm. They work best in rows of two or three, depending to the size of the area. 2.5mm holes are spaced 10mm apart and the 4mm holes are spaced 25mm apart. Punch hole work incurs a charge.

Airscoops are also available at the top of the shoulders to help direct air onto the upper back.

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