Glossary: F


The factory and offices are based at Exmouth in Devon, 7 miles from the M5 motorway at Exeter. Our 3,400 sq.ft manufacturing centre (formerly a print works) is where we make all our suits. The BKS team of 15 includes administration, cutting and stitching staff. We are a complete self-contained unit where customers can come to order suits in person and come to collect them when finished.

Factory Shop

We have a small range of suits on display in our showroom which are brand new, many have been made for display purposes only. Some are discounted items shown under the SALE section. Click on each suit to reveal details of size and specifications. Check our size table to see if the suit is likely to fit you. Please email us if you would like to make a purchase.


BKS only make made to measure suits and the manufacture of any leather motorcycle suit is something of a challenge: how to make them work in the riding position, yet still be comfortable off the bike? The fit will be different for different areas of the body: we rely on our 28 years of experience and feedback from thousands of previous customers (police and civilian). Factors such as under garments, personal preference and riding position are taken into account when deciding how tight or loose the suit should be made. However, safety must dictate the fit in the most important areas. Measures need to be taken over underwear only, to ensure the body shape can be accurately recorded. The measurements are detailed and extensive - there are no further fittings until the suit is completed. Your first fitting is when the suit is presented to you but if modifications are needed a free of charge alteration service is on hand. If something is not to your preference, or if you feel the suit hasn't broken-in after reasonable use (approx. 40 hours of use), this service is free for up to 12 months after the completion date. (Note: Your weight is recorded at the time of measurements, and if this changes significantly, alterations may incur a charge).

  1. The suit has pre-formed arms that are lifted up and forward so that the cuffs remain at the correct length when reaching for the handlebars. The side effect of this may mean the cuff feels short and that some bagginess appears behind the shoulder blades when off the bike.
  2. For the same reason, the chest is cut between 2” and 5” looser than your body measurement. More room is given at the back, and hence the suit feels tighter across the front when off the bike. (minimum 2” for race suits and up to 5” for touring jackets)
  3. The suit needs extra length down the back, and is helped by a large stretch panel in the back waist of the trouser. The side effect is a dropped look to the backside.
  4. The suit has pre-bent knees for sitting, especially as the lower leg is fitted and contains impact protectors. The side effect is pronounced, or 'baggy', knees when off the bike.
  5. The cuffs and ankles are designed to fit over thin sleeves and thin socks respectively. For comfort reasons they need to be tailored to fit neatly under a glove and inside a boot without bulk. CE Approval dictates they must be tight enough to stay in place and not ride up.
  6. Watches, especially large ones, are not normally catered for as this would mean altering one wrist size unsafely.
  7. The suit comes with body armour fitted, and this plays a vital role. Unlike a helmet, hard shell materials do not work best. Lightweight plastic and foam protectors seen in less expensive suits simply encourage holes in leather. They aren’t as comfortable, and most only just meet with CE Approval at a lower level of impact.