Glossary: K


Kangaroo skin... see BKS text.


KEVLAR® is a manmade organic para-aramid fiber and is used today in a wide variety of industrial applications. It is extremely strong yet lightweight and has the advantage of reinforcing other fabrics. Such a fabric is one known by it’s brand name of Keprotec. Originally designed for downhill skiers, this is a combination fabric comprising Cordura, Kevlar and Lycra. Dupont makes all 3 fibres, which are then woven together by Schoeller, another company based in Switzerland.

We use this fabric to make the various comfort inserts found throughout our suits, but unlike suits that don’t carry the CE Approval, we add to this another layer of pure knitted Kevlar to ensure the required performance. Suits using just one layer of Keprotec will fail safety standards – beware!

Knee Protection

4 types to choose from – all attached with Velcro and sized according to leg length. Fixed to the inner layer of leather. See armour for more details.

Knee Sliders

Fitted at the top of the shin and offset to the side, our knee sliders come in three types and are fixed in place using very secure Velcro. The petals surrounding the slider puck can be matched to your suit from any of our normal leather colours, including the addition of gel coated Carbon fibre. The pucks are as follows:
> All Leather  - for a softer and more planed feel in corners
> Sports Compound – a high profile all rounder with a deep leading edge for extra lifespan
> Race Compound – a hard wearing polyurethane oval slider which was voted Best Slider by MCN a few years back