Glossary: D

Davies Odell

This company manufactures Forcefield body armour, and BKS have been using their products for many years.  In the bginning, Davies Odell would enjoy good relations with Cambridge University and were usually the first to benefit from the vast experience of Dr. Roderick Woods, the author of the Cambridge Standard.

Double Leather Areas

Double leather areas are necessary to meet with CE Approval and give the right levels of enhanced abrasion resistance throughout the suit. Two layers at a minimum of 1.3mm thick each are required to meet Level 3 or High Performance classifications. The areas covered are designated by Zone 2 of the Cambridge Standard. Essentially, these are the top outer arm and shoulder (into the collar); full outside elbow to immediately above the cuff; front of hip, wrapping around the entire seat and down the outside thigh (3” either side of the outside leg seam); top of knee and shin to the boot area. Double leather has an alternative in the form of a Ballistic Nylon fabric. This is also used to reinforce these same areas.