Glossary: O

Off The Peg

Our Factory Shop offers all the suits made for our display collections. These are made across a range of sizes (see table) that can be bought as off the peg suits. We often have in excess of 40 suits, all of which will cost less than having it made to measure should you be fortunate enough to fit one. Some of our display suits may even have a special offer if they are from a previous year’s collection.

If the suit you like is sold or you would prefer it in another colour scheme, off the peg suits can still be made to order at the off the peg price rate instead of the made to measure rate – see price list.

Ordering Suits

Ordering a BKS suit is best done in person with a visit to our showroom and factory.

However, this is not always possible and you may wish to form an idea of what you want beforehand. Overseas customers may use our online facilities.