Glossary: S

Seams and Stitching

All BKS seams have been tested to ensure they are correctly used according to their strength and location within the garment. Only some seam types are strong enough for high risk areas. BKS has a portfolio of 17 seam styles but the main ones used for garment construction are the most important.

Thread needs to be a certain thickness and have some elasticity. Kevlar thread, whilst strong, has a tendency to snap in areas where constant folding occurs and so is not used in any BKS suit. Suit making thread is Gauge No. 20 Nylon bonded and is available in 12 shades to complement the colours of your suit.

All main panel construction uses seams with buried stitching of multiple rows with additional topstitching to keep seams flat and secure.

Shoulder Protection

4 types to choose from – all attached with velcro and sized according to body weight. Fixed to the inner layer of leather. See armour for more details.

Specification Options

Whichever garment you choose, whichever colour scheme you settle on, your order is only complete when you have chosen from a wide variety of specification options. Most are free and are part of the cost of that design, but there are several that 
enhance the performance of your suit and so come at an additional cost. Most of the following applies to every suit design. See our design and measure section for on-line ordering.

Free of charge include:

> Amount of colours
> Thread colour
> Collar choices
> Lining colours
> Pocket options
> BKS markings
> Standard body armour
> Leather Stretch panels
> Insert choices
> Summer linings

At additional cost:

> Custom design work
> Luxury leather upgrades (i.e. bullhide, kangaroo, deercow)
> Additional ventilation
> Body Armour upgrades
> Back protectors
> Knee sliders and covers
> Personalised lettering, logos and badges
> Excess size charges
> Thermal linings and spare summer airtex linings
> Jacket waistband enhancement

Speed Hump

The speed hump was originally developed to aid the aerodynamics of riders racing at professional levels. Measuring the actual performance  of this feature reveals only minute differences, but the appearance has become normal on one piece race leathers today – they are almost expected to be there.

BKS feel that these are more for cosmetic styling than function, but the depth of padding required to fill these will add to the levels of abrasion protection in this area. The humps are not oversized but do add a certain degree of substance to the upper back and whilst the foam inside is not high performance, the speed hump is still over 60mm thick and encapsulated in two layers of 1.5mm hide. They are anatomically shaped to curve around the spine and have a Keprotec stretch insert immediately above that sits under the collar.


BKS currently operates the made to measure suit service directly from its manufacturing centre in Exmouth. Off the peg suits are not available in any UK shops. Please contact us directly with your sales enquiries, or look at our online factory shop for a limited collection of off the peg suits.

Stretch Panels

Leather stretch panels are created using high strength corsetry elastic called Powernet. This allows for virtual full thickness leather whilst most other suits will use very thin leather to make elastication easier. As these appear in exposed areas of the body, abrasion resistance must be maintained. They are all individually stitched using a spiked aluminum jig and seamed into place with a triple stitch construction.

Suit Carrier

All BKS suits are supplied with a sturdy coat hanger and slip over printed suit carrier.