Glossary: P

Pattern Making

All BKS suits are made with computer cut patterns using a state of the art Lectra system. This CAD (computer assisted design) method guarantees millimetre perfect cutting accuracy and ensures we have the ability to constantly fine tune the tailoring.

We keep a database of customer ordering information, so repeat customers can order suits without having to be re-measured - unless you gain or lose lots of weight of course! Our vast database of customer measurements mean that we are able to help when customers send in details from overseas. Measurement matching software means we are able to spot a “rogue” measurement, and contact the customer to double-check the measurement(s) in question.


Perforated leather can be used to create ventilated sections within the suit, and feature as a free of charge option in the insert areas. This offers an alternative to the Keprotec stretch inserts.

Leather is perforated by conveying whole skins through a special machine, giving a mesh effect of holes approximately 1.5mm in diameter and 4mm apart.  Suit panels are then cut from these skins. Additional ventilation incurs an extra cost based on how much is needed.

More ventilation can be added to any area of the suit by using the punch hole method. These are individually hand-punched holes available in two sizes: 2.5mm and 4mm. They work best in rows of two or three, depending to the size of the area. 2.5mm holes are spaced 10mm apart and the 4mm holes are spaced 25mm apart. Punch hole work incurs a charge.


In progress!

Polartec Fleece

Winter (thermal) linings are an optional accessory. We use genuine brand Polartec® fleece renowned for it’s association with many leading companies worldwide that manufacture outdoor clothing. The thermal lining replaces the airtex linings when required: simply zip into place and put your summer ones away until the sun comes out. They feel instantly cosy and work by trapping air in between the fibres. These are available for all garments, with the one-piece suit having the option of being totally thermal or just the upper half.


Police motorcycle riders are the largest user group of BKS suits.

UK police officers have been wearing our suits in growing numbers for over 20 years, starting with the Dorset Police in 1986. Our home force, Devon and Cornwall followed soon after, along with Avon and Somerset, Kent and the City of London. Since then, more forces have followed and to date we have supplied over 30 of the UK’s police forces. We have retained The Ministry of Defence contract since 1998. Other emergency services, including ambulance paramedic riders, British Red Cross, County Fire Services and many similar patrol groups recognize the value of our suits. Since 2001, BKS has won contracts with the following police forces:

> Lothian and Borders
> Strathclyde Driving School
> Scottish Police Training College
> Northern (Scotland)
> Greater Manchester
> West Yorkshire
> West Mercia
> Wiltshire
> West Midlands
> Northamptonshire
> Bedfordshire
> Norfolk
> City of London (second time around)
> West Country Ambulance

The police suit used is based on our BKS 100SPS model and has been given a uniform appearance with the addition of two chest flap pockets. The police crested badge is usually worn above left chest pocket, and various other attachment straps help with some of the equipment they have to carry.

We have a section dedicated to our Police supply – please contact BKS for further details.


This covers all items for sale including specification options carrying additional charge. Different rates for made to measure and off the peg suits can save you as much as £250. Download the PDF version for more details.