• Client returns after 18 years

    Date Posted: 19 March 2016

    Really pleased with this suit for a London client who first had a suit over 18 years ago! His old one lasted brilliantly and he's come back for another. Gloss Black Kangroo hides, trimmed with red and littered with all the hardware and toys. See our new forearm external protectors...we love 'em.
  • Budleigh Beach Photoshoot

    Date Posted: 19 March 2016

    BKS Leather on horizon This suit was shot last Summer and the suit is one of our top end examples of a full kangaroo one piece race suit. Cost approx £3500
  • BKS - founded Feb 17th 1986 - Happy 30th Birthday

    Date Posted: 17 February 2016

    It’s BKS’s 30th Birthday today (…you probably read that somewhere earlier). I have chosen to reflect on how all of this has come about and reached what so many of you have told me is a fantastic milestone. (I can still remember being told…if you can last 7 years in business …you’ll probably survive...
  • Police Biker Crash

    Date Posted: 28 November 2015're driving up the M5 in lane 3 and you have a police officer behind you running his blue lights. You don't see him at first but then you realise he wants to overtake you. So you pull into middle lane. Then if you're not paying attention properly...or you are a really poor driver and panic...