Police Biker Crash

Date Posted: 
28 November 2015

So....you're driving up the M5 in lane 3 and you have a police officer behind you running his blue lights. You don't see him at first but then you realise he wants to overtake you. So you pull into middle lane. Then if you're not paying attention properly...or you are a really poor driver and panic...you pull out again just as he's overtaking you. You knock him clean off ...and he's doing about 100mph!


However, as the bike and rider go somersaulting up the motorway indifferent directions thankfully, with all other traffic coming to an emergency standstill....the driver feels rather relieved to see the officer get up and walk over to the hard shoulder...himself also amazed he's still alive.

Nothing broken, no cuts (apart from his hand) and back to work not too long after his badly bruised hip eased up. Riding again already.

Good suit or what!