Leather Options

Perhaps the most important selection for your suit is the type of leather.

BKS has been using finest Brazilian cowhide at 1.3mm/1.4mm for over 20 years and all from the same tanneries. Trusted for its consistent performance when faced with sliding on tarmac, the abrasion and burst strength has proven itself over and over again. Thick but flexible and soft, the majority of colours offered are in this hide. It has a visual appearance that shows a fine corrected grain and is consistent in surface finish. This leather is used at the price point our suit designs show on the company price list.

BKS is pleased to offer another cowhide, reassuringly thick at 1.4mm/1.6mm with the appearance designed to feel and resemble deer skin. Black only with a variable grain adding to the more natural look of this product.

The ultimate in leather for motorcycle clothing. Sourced from Italy (originating in raw material state from Australia of course), our suppliers really know how to produce this leather suitably finished for ultimate sports riding kit. At 1.0mm/1.1mm BKS uses the very finest of skins and when you see...

BKS offers this luxury Italian cowhide at 1.4mm/1.6mm thick with added water repellence and a truly gorgeous feel. Much smoother in surface appearance the matt black is a soft sheen colour with availability in matt white also.

  BKS offers some Italian cowhide that has been treated for extra durability with the added advantage of being ‘slightly’ lighter in weight at 1.2mm thick. Available in limited colours but usually Red, Black, White.

BKS specialises in offering you the ability to add some beautiful touches to your leather suit if attention to detail is of interest. For logos, lettering, overlay panels, stripes and such like we have leather finished to look like Carbon fibre; Patent gloss; Silver and Gold foil, the list goes on...