The ultimate in leather for motorcycle clothing. Sourced from Italy (originating in raw material state from Australia of course), our suppliers really know how to produce this leather suitably finished for ultimate sports riding kit. At 1.0mm/1.1mm BKS uses the very finest of skins and when you see and feel this leather it becomes very apparent that not ‘all other’ brands advertising kangaroo leather in their suits use comparable quality. Technical advantages with kangaroo are the extreme tear and abrasion resistance that remains as good as high performance cowhide even though its 20% lighter. The tensile strength actually surpasses cowhide and the ability for the leather to not develop into a tear even in the unlikely event you should hole it is of huge safety benefit. Available in Regular Black, Matt Black and Pearlescent Black; Regular White and Pearlescent White; Colours - Gunmetal, Silver, Regular and Neon Red; Blue; Yellow.

Add £375 per suit

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