Base Layers

Before you decide on aspects of the suit itself, your choice of linings is directly influenced by your choice of base layer. BKS would like to encourage you regardless of ALL else, that you consider the most likely climate around you. If it is the UK then we face ever changing conditions in temperature and humidity and weather patterns. Wearing most forms of motorcycle specific clothing brings mild discomfort as it is close fitting, bulky, fitted with protectors then squeezed into boots and gloves and topped off with a helmet. We need all the help we can get with what we wear next to the skin before we dress ready for the journey. ‘Old school’ tee shirts and shorts, leaving exposed arms and legs inside your outfit will only lead to unnecessary friction, eventual contact with a moist skin surface that sticks and makes the clothing difficult to remain comfortable or remove at the end. We’ve all been there!

There are 2 ways of remaining comfortable in the fight against overheating in your leathers. One is to accept you are going to get hot, eventually sweat and then use fabrics to best cope. Hot weather riding, or in circumstances where avoiding the heat whilst wearing a suit (such as a police officer) is not so easy….venting your suit with perforation holes is an extra aid to help force cool air through to the body.

Wearing close fit body stocking base layers.

One of the best ways to address comfort is to wear body stocking type base layers. BKS sell Proskins but something similar will do. In some respects the thinner the better. Otherwise known as compression fit, these garments are usually a blend of 80% Nylon and 20% Elastane and literally fit the body like an all over stocking. The elasticated sensation of compression all over helps to promote better blood flow and so reduces fatigue and cramp. The close fit is in complete contact with your skin and so perspiration is drawn off into this rapid drying fabric in such a way that it becomes an almost constant cycle. You feel more comfortable, cooler, less sticky and at the start and finish of your ride, getting in and out of your leather suit is so much easier.

Worn with our regular airtex mesh, the two fabrics glide nicely over eachother throughout your ride and especially at removal.
When Proskins are worn with the BKS ‘bubblemesh-type’ lining, these extra channels of air flow created from this 3-D fabric allow these base layers to perform even more effectively. A perfect combination.

There are of course ‘loose hanging’ type base layers like EDZ or similar ‘Coolmax’ branded garments which are not stocking type but are still slim fitting. These are the next best thing and still offer much better function than old school cotton tee shirts and boxers.However, lets now consider a ‘...

REDUCED FATIGUE Prolayers are a heavier gauge of fabric than the Proskins, which are thinner and better suited to Summer. Prolayers are also made from graduated compression fabric and could be considered the same but better suited to Winter riding. Helps increase circulation and consequently more...

REDUCED FATIGUE Proskins graduated compression fabric has been designed and tested to provide the correct level of surface pressure to individual muscle groups. Helps increase circulation and consequently more oxygen is delivered to active muscle groups meaning rider fatigue is reduced. MUSCLE...