There are of course ‘loose hanging’ type base layers like EDZ or similar ‘Coolmax’ branded garments which are not stocking type but are still slim fitting. These are the next best thing and still offer much better function than old school cotton tee shirts and boxers.
However, lets now consider a ‘clever’ alternative.

What if there was technology that reduced dramatically the amount of perspiration produced in the first place.

Welcome to OUTLAST. We have already mentioned the OUTLAST lining. BKS also sell the Outlast baselayers. It’s a little like dressing yourself in menthol or refrigerated fabric. Grab a handful of it at room temperature and it actually feels cold. Put it on and it responds to your body temperature by acknowledging it. If your body begins to overheat the fabric technology absorbs this and stores it for you and helps to keep your temperature down at a comfortable level. 
Wearing a BKS leather suit on a hot day lined with the OUTLAST option with OUTLAST baselayers underneath is another fantastic way of dealing with the problems of overheating.

The advance in technical fabrics really should not be ignored given that if you are comfortable and ‘not too hot and not too cold’ your concentration required to ride your motorcycle will be maintained as best as is possible.


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