Waist Bands and Half Belts

As with most features BKS attempts to design the best way of constructing each area of the suit and sticking with it throughout all models. Naturally there will some extra variants within such an approach and this is one.


The waistband is approximately 65mm deep all the way around, plain and simple. An alternative at no extra cost allows for choice of the same but with the back section scooping down to 125mm to cover the rear waist stretch of the trouser. This rear section can be filled with soft or hard foam at no extra charge too.

There is however a Waistband Upgrade Set comprising of an extra hard section of foam being stitched into the rear sections of both the jacket and trouser waistband. This is intended to give extended coverage back protection in the two piece suit as the ‘fitted’ back protector (supplied at extra cost) only reaches the waist connection zip and cannot otherwise extend into the lower back like those worn with race suits.

The other optional feature is the Front Belt Set (add £20) which clasps across the bottom of the jacket front zip to ease the strain on the zip insertion and increase longevity.


The standard waistband is low at the front with a 5” neoprene side section climbing to a high fit back with soft fill foam. An adjuster belt is sited over the neoprene to give the waist size between 0” – 3” of play. As part of the Waistband Upgrade Set you can opt between hard and soft density foam.