BKS – leather cut-outs are standard for lettering. Choose any of the leather colours available to compliment or contrast with your suit. Lettering can be stitched in most colour threads including ‘rainbow’ which changes through the spectrum every few inches! A range of elaborate effect leathers such as carbon-fibre, metallic foils and patent gloss finishes exist for the more adventurous. Single colour BKS letters are free. A surcharge is applied if you wish to double colour each letter with a keyline or shadow effect.

Custom – leather cut-outs are standard for most personalised logos but if the detail is so small, printed graphics exist. These need high resolution images provided by the customer and prices are subject to size, style and quantity of letters.

Laser – graphics, words and cut-outs can all be achieved using laser cutting equipment. It works best on black and white leather and always appears as a ‘burnt’ effect creating an attractive golden brown appearance on the surface. It’s not an applied colour, it’s the result of when the laser ‘vaporizes’ the surface of the leather almost engraving it to a pre-set depth to leave the finest of detail and precision accuracy. A relatively new technique available for the graphic options for your BKS suit and so ALL laser work is priced individually.

Graphics – Stripes and Overlays are the terms applied to leather applique that creates additional coloured panels that sit on top of the main suit panels. Using normal suit leather, these sections are usually thinned down on our splitter machine to create less bulk. Elongated sections, bands running with the arms and legs or stripes ranging from 10mm – 20mm are often chosen to add coloured design. Normally charged at £10 each for most shapes they are a simple yet effective method to help lift the design of your suit.

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