The collar of the suit should not really provide any restraint. The neckline of a BKS suit is measured and designed to sit low and away from the throat. It can also be designed to scoop away from the back of the neck when applicable for sports bike riding. However for more upright riding positions, the back of neck does not have to be exposed. It is usual for most collar designs to have a flexible neoprene section and so any strain against the collar at any position is restriction free. It is advised that some kind of fabric neck guard is worn around the neck to suit the weather conditions rather than relying on the suit collar to perform this role.

BKS offer the following styles of collar:

Touring Collar - all leather and normally fitted to the SPS model of 2 piece suit used by the Emergency Services. Pop stud fastened at the front, high at the back and suited to upright riding.

Mandarin Collar – Low level, sports fit made from leather and neoprene. The leather sections around the side and front are lined with a stretch ‘suede’ fabric whilst the 4” section at the back is 100% neoprene.

Race Collar – Similar to the Mandarin in shape but smaller leather sections to the front and side with 100% neoprene around the entire inner edge and back.

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