BKS Leather Care Kit

As part of the guidelines needed to satisfy our Instructions for Use document and maintain recommendations in line with maintenance for CE Approved PPE, the methods for cleaning your protective leather motorcycle suit should involve nothing more than cool clear water.

However this guideline stems from the fact that some leather care products (some that might contain solvents) can cause harm to the stitching of your suit. It is commonly regarded that leather needs feeding to maintain good condition and suppleness but there are so many wax and conditioning products using solvents to help carry the waxes into the leather, care must be taken when choosing what to use.

Leather footwear subjected to extremes of wet and dirt and other items such as saddlery all need leather care to a greater extent to guard against these. However, the leather motorcycle suit relies on its construction so much more than just the quality of the leather itself to stay together in accidents that attention to leather care is somewhat more critical.

Therefore if you are going to go against manufacturers instruction on leather food and cleaning products, make sure they are water based ones at very least.


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