Mission Accomplished

Date Posted: 
2 November 2021
Welcome to the all-new fully certified BKS 100SX textile motorcycle suit.
BKS (made to measure) Ltd, the original BKS started by Brian Keith Sansom back in 1986 has yet another reason for celebration.
The first company, Worldwide, to ever receive CE Approval for leather motorcycle clothing in 1994 has done it again and as of October 18th we have become the 1st company to ever hold both EU and UKCA certification for BOTH leather and now…textile motorcycle suits.
Bike gear now falls under UK law where, as legitimate PPE, all motorcycle clothing manufactured since April 2018 has to meet EU standards.
This entails full testing and certification to EN 17092 or if preferred, to the higher standard EN 13595. The latter is what UK Police forces have learnt is the more appropriate for their needs and are asking the British Standards Institute (BSI) to establish an Emergency Services Standard for Motorcycle Clothing which they can rely on.
Testing includes abrasion resistance, cut resistance and tensile strength.
BKS has had textile motorcycle clothing under development for over 2 years now, where we have refined material selection, design, build and now testing all coming together to produce and result in what clearly shows itself as the finest and highest performance non-leather outfit currently available.
Launching to both the police and private sectors simultaneously, this new range of clothing is truly ground breaking. Available with and without the Techair airbag systems, BKS is extremely proud once again to announce this award.
The BKS 100SX – Textile Suit – Fully Waterproof – EN 13595 Level 2 – Made to order only
textile suit front
parts side
ukca cert